HOW COOL IS THIS?!? The first section is a list of recordings that feature Ellen’s songs recorded by either Ellen (and former partner Peter Allard in some cases) or other musicians who have requested permission to record Ellen’s songs. The second section is a list of songbooks that feature Ellen’s songs (or songs by other composers that Ellen recorded) and/or her written text, published by other musicians and/or publishers. The third section is a link to Got Shabbat, commentary written by Ellen Allard that covers every parashah (chapter) in the Torah, created for for Early Childhood teachers and parents of young children.


Music for Moppets: songs & rhymes & circle time
Good Morning/Good Night 
The Cat’s Pajamas: Pajama Party DVD
The Cat’s Pajamas: Backseat Driver
Down In The Valley
Swinging Chai
Pesach with an Accent
Watch Us Grow: Ms. Nell and the JCCNV Fours
Shabbat Jam
Sounds Of Holiness: Leviticus In Song
Sounds Of Sinai: Numbers In Song
Sounds of Sounds Write
Sounds Write Sampler
Hear, O Israel: A Benefit Compilation From The Artists of the 4th Annual Boston Jewish Music Festival
JCC Sings! JCC Chicago Early Childhood
Shabbat! Doda Mollie
92Y Shababaland
Imagination by Sulinha
Shabbat Sing! by Gan HaYeled/Adas Israel Congregation
Parents Guide To Early Learning CDs: Carnegie Library/Pittsburgh
Melodies for the URJ 71st Biennial Shabbat Services
Shalom Israel
Remembering Robin
Making Music: A Yearbook in Song (Micah Children’s Academy)
My Very First Jewish Celebrate
Shabbat Shalom: Jewish Children’s Songs for Sabbath At Home (Transcontinental)
The Moment Anthology Vol. 2
Torah Alive!


The Complete Jewish Songbook For Children – Volume II (2)
Seder Songs with 2 CDs
The Tot Shabbat Handbook with CD
Music & Movement by FunShine Express
Open It Up! Integrating the Arts into Jewish Education
The Complete Chanukah Songbook
Songs for a Jewish Head Start Songbook
Sounds of Holiness: Leviticus in Song
Sounds of Sinai: Numbers in Song
Peaceable Stories Activity & Resource Guide – published by the Maine Humanities Council


Torah for Tots (formerly called Got Shabbat) for Early Childhood teachers and parents of young children

TEXTBOOKS (that include Ellen’s songs)

Step into Storytime by Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Kathy Fling Klatt