©2000 80-Z Music, Inc.
words & music by Ellen Allard

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Chorus: Shop at the shuk for a shekel or two
Something old, something new
Shop at the shuk for a shekel or two
Buy a souvenir for me and you.
At the shuk, at the shuk, at the sh, sh, sh, sh, sh
At the shuk, at the shuk
At the sh, sh, shuk.

I went to Jerusalem one fine day
Visiting shops in the alleyway
I found falafel and fruit to eat
And something very yummy, very sweet. Chorus

I found a pair of candlesticks
For ten shekels, I offered six
“Nine”, said the merchant, “Seven” said I
“For just eight shekels I will let you buy.” Chorus

In the old city market much to see
A lovely, woven tapestry
Of sights and sounds, colors and tastes
When we went to the shuk, to the marketplace. Chorus

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