How Many Black Rainsong Guitars Do You See?


3, 3, 3 Guitars In One
When was the last time you went to a concert where 3 of the musicians were playing the exact same guitar? I think Rabbi Joe Black started it, the black Rainsong guitar trend. Read more

Twists & Turns (I’m teaching kid’s yoga with a musical twist)

Yoga Yeladim logo2

Life has its’ funny twists and turns, doesn’t it? Last summer, I had an opportunity to train with Haris Lender to do Kidding Around Yoga, and subsequently Yoga Yeladim. But before I even knew who she was, earlier that summer I taught music classes at a preschool camp in Worcester. You can click here or on the picture below to see a Youtube video of me teaching the end of one of my classes. You’ll notice that I incorporated a relaxing breathing exercise so that I could send the kids back to their teachers ready for their next activity, without them jumping off the walls. Little did I know that breathing and yoga was hurtling my way. Read more