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“I am a huge fan of Ellen Allard on so many levels. 1st, her music for young people is simply the best — easy to learn, easy to sing, engaging, age and developmentally appropriate, creative, fun, and more than anything, kids love it. I use many of her songs with seniors, too, and they love it as well. 2nd, I have participated in Ellen’s workshops for educators, and she is simply the best at pedagogy. She knows how kids respond, how they develop, and what makes them come alive — and that’s what goes into her teaching and her music. Finally, I have profound appreciation for how she teaches basic Jewish concepts to the youngest people, how she makes holiday rituals engaging, how she makes Shabbat a holy observance. Thank you, Ellen. I am so grateful for all the joy and creativity you have helped me share with young children, big children, and even the older population with whom I work.”
-Cantor Carol Chesler, Jewish Music Educator

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