Purim 8 Song Sheet Music Bundle (includes bonus song) Volume 1


Who doesn’t love the traditional Purim songs like “La Kova Shelie Shalosh Pinot”, a fun take-off on “My Hat It Has Three Corners”, not to mention how fun it is to do all of the hand motions.  But let’s add some new songs to your repertoire!

You’ll get 8 of my most popular and beloved easy-to-learn Purim songs (including a bonus song). Your kids are gonna be over-the-moon excited to sing these songs. Because I like to meet a broad range of ages, I’ve included a wide assortment of songs that can be used with children ranging in age from 3 – 10.

And if you order before midnight on Feb. 14, you’ll also get a FREE download of the new track I made (along with recording engineer wiz Zach Singer, for my song “The Whole Megillah”. I’m VERY excited – you’ll be the first to hear it. But it goes away at midnight on the 14th. Make sure you grab it before you finish your Valentine’s candy .

Songs include:

1. Hamentaschen Yum Yum Yum
2. I Like Hamentaschen
3. In Shu-Shu-Shushan
4. Mordechai
5. Purim Parade
6. Speak Up! (not specifically Purim related but great song to reflect the hero(s) of our story and how they spoke up)
7. Spin Your Grogger
8. Bonus song: The Whole Megillah

Sheet music includes a melody line, chords and lyrics.

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