New Shoes
words & music by Ellen Allard
©2000 80-Z Music, Inc.
from the CD Good Kid by Peter & Ellen Allard
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New shoes, I got me new shoes
New shoes, I got me new shoes
New shoes, I got me new shoes
Won’t she take a look at my new shoes?

Me and my dad we went shopping to buy me a new pair of shoes
When we got to the store, I was mixed up, there were so many pairs to choose.
Red ones and blue ones and purple, orange and yellow and green
It took me awhile to decide in which new shoes I want to be seen.

All of a sudden I saw them, the sneakers that had to be mine
In all of my life I had never seen, foot coverings so fine.
The sneakers called out my name from the window, where they’d been living for almost a week
“Please take me home I need rescue from this shelf in this shoe boutique.”

Well I couldn’t believe my two eyes, shoes that could talk, what a scream
It was totally awesome and cool it was something right out of a dream.
But it wasn’t a dream I was having, conversing with sneakers it’s true
Reality’s really what’s happening depending on your point of view.

Then I tugged on the sleeves of my dad’s coat saying “Daddy, I’ve got to have those!”
“If they are the ones that you want, dear, you can have them cause anything goes!”
Next thing you know I was walking out the store with those shoes on my feet
Smiling I showed my new sneakers to everybody I happened to meet.

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