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  • RECIPE: Gluten Free Matza

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    RECIPE: Gluten Free Matza

    Did you know that I have another persona?!? Yes, I am the Gluten Free Diva. For now, you can find me on facebook at

    It took me many years and many failed attempts and tons of ingredients to finally figure out a gluten free matza recipe that nails it.

    I spoke with Rabbi David L Kline who is a passionate and skilled bread and matza baker as well as a bible scholar. He explained that the ingredients I use to make my gluten free matza are kosher l’pesach. This is what he shared with me:

    Oats are one of the 5 species that you may not eat during Pesach unless they’ve been baked. The 5 species include wheat, spelt, oats, rye and barley. The only one of these that is allowed on a GF diet is oats. And even saying that, for a strict GF diet, the oats must be certified gluten free.

    Further, matza ashirah is matzah that has been enriched. In the case of my recipe, the matza is enriched with rice, potato starch, almond flour and salt. For Sephardic Jews, matza ashira is acceptable during Pesach. For Orthodox Jews, matza ashira is acceptable for anyone with a medical reason for eating gluten free.

    Some online sources say that matza ashirah is enriched with eggs, juice or honey instead of water. Obviously, my recipe doesn’t meet that requirement. However, Rabbi Kline gave me his blessing, saying that my matza is enriched with rice flour, potato starch, almond flour and salt. I supposed I could add a drop (or more) of grape juice though I’ve not tried that. One thing I do understand is that exceptions are made for children and the infirm. While I am not what you might consider infirm, I have Celiac Disease and this limits my diet to gluten free foods.

    There are also those who have been told by a medical professional to eat a gluten free diet even if they don’t have Celiac. And there are those who know that they feel better when they eat a gluten free diet regardless of whether they’ve been told to do so by a medical professional. My belief is that anyone in any of those categories can eat my matza ashira, my gluten free matza.

    Since I developed this recipe, I have been able to enjoy Pesach and eat my Hillel sandwich and spread charoset and horseradish on it with wild abandon. For me, this is what makes my Pesach the real thing.